Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fahrenheit 451

Author's note: I am putting myself in the place of a fireman in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  I am trying to show what the life of a fireman would be like.  This book is based in a dystopian world and it's a science fiction novel  where firemen are the ones that start fires.

Everyday I go down to the firehouse.  There is where the mechanical hound is kept (a machine that can be programed to find and destroy certain people)  and the other firemen playing card games.  When we hear the alarm, we will all ride down to a house or library, or where we find that books are kept -- especially books that are famous literature such as the Bible.  I don't care whatsoever about those books, I like to watch them catch flames and turn to ash.  Books would be flying around on fire.  To me, it was a relaxing sight.  There was a night where an elderly woman had a house full of books.  Instead of leaving her burning house she set herself on fire.  That night, before the woman died, I was curious as I sprayed kerosene out of my hose and lighted a match onto a pile of books.  I secretly recovered one of the books, then I remembered the Captain saying that a fireman takes a book one time or another; after 24 hours they have to burn it.  I read the book thoroughly and I only had 24 hours before I had to burn it.  I wanted to memorize the book, it could be my only chance.  When I come home I face is full of ash and dirt.  I also smell like smoke.   I'll go to bed, and the next day the cycle goes over again.


  1. I like how you added an author's note. It helped me figure out what perspective you were writing in and what your response was going to be about. I would have added what a dystopian is because most people don't know what that is including me. I also liked how you didn't write a summary of the book. There are a few sentences that don't make sense so make sure you are proofreading before you post. Overall NICE JOB!!!

  2. Sorry I forgot to include this in my other comment. You succeeded in your goal of not doing a summary in your response!

  3. Your the only person so far that I believe has written something other than a summary. I liked how descriptive you were, it made me feel like I could be in the story.