Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Memory

Author's Note: I was in downtown Pewaukee yesterday at the beach and Chocolate Factory with some friends.  When I was there, it reminded me of back when I was little and my family used to come down quite often.  Slowly over time, we stopped coming so this really brought me back.  

Back to the time
When I was little
Walking down by the shores
Hearing the sound of crashing waves
Squishing rocky sand between by toes
Feeling cool, raspberry ice cream drip down

Back to the time
When we used to walk
Down by the pier
And try to find fishies in the murky waters
Smelling the lake stench
Feeling the warm breeze against my skin
Those were the times to remember 

Back to the time
When I was little
Staying out at the lakefront
Amazed by everything that surrounded me
Ice cream, walking, laughing
Memories from my past

Monday, May 23, 2011

Making a Difference

Author's Note: My sister and I had just planted a tree yesterday so I decided to write a post about it for Making a Difference.  

Nowadays, our world is getting more populated and that means more pollution and dirty air.  Some think that this cannot be reversed or treated whatsoever.  Yet, most, if not everyone knows some ways of going green: plant a tree, ride a bike instead of a car, carpool, pick up litter, and so on.  My sister and I felt like making our world a little bit better yesterday.  We decided to plant a tree in our backyard.  A few years ago, I tried planting a tree but, it was washed away by a huge rainstorm, followed by a flood.

First, we dug up a hole in the dirt wide and deep enough to fit the tree's roots.  I put in the roots and began putting back soil.  My sister and I had just planted the roots of a new life.  In addition, my dad helped out and got the tree watered and positioned correctly.  This time I am confident the tree will stay strong and stay healthy, compared to my last tree.  Someday I hope for the tree to grow to be as big as the others in my yard. 

No matter how small the project, you can always make a difference.  I hoped to help the ecosystem, air, and animals by planting one little tree.  I made a change in my life, a change in our environment, a change in our world.  Now see what you can do even if it's as little as carpooling with a friend. 

       The arrow is pointing at my growing little tree.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Author's Note: Today I turn 13 years old.  This poem is to show the true meaning behind a birthday, not just presents and cake.  
Today is my birthday,
The day
Where I celebrate my birth
Where I celebrate when I came to life
Where I celebrate history of me

Though presents and parties sound great
It's not what birthdays are about
Though center of attention and praise sound great
It's not what birthdays are for

When I was born
It meant something
When you were born
It meant something
The day a person is born
The world is changed
Each and everyone person made a difference

We are unique
We have our own
And part of someone's life

So a birthday isn't about
Cake, presents, and parties
A birthday is the day to celebrate when we were born
When we changed lives
Happy Birthday

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Author's Note: I am playing around with writing a haiku.  As usual my inspiration is nature.  

Little and simple
Waiting for sun, rain, and love
To blossom someday

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring is Here

Author's Note: As my non-fiction response, my inspiration is on nature.  I found a picture on the National Geographic website and I decided to write a poem of it.  In my poem, I am doing my best to include syntactic devices, semantic devices, and patterns.  Please leave me feedback.

Grass just turned green
From the morning dew
Flowers just blossomed
Of pink and blue

Snow has gone
Rain has come
Frigid cold has left
Warmth has shown

The sun will shine
The birds will sing
The wind will blow
So peacefully

Clouds, wispy as cotton candy
Fields, sway like ocean waves

For a while you just stand
Looking at the gift of nature

Flowers in the field
And sun in the sky
Prove that color is needed
Prove that life exists
Prove that spring is here

Monday, May 2, 2011

A First Communion

Author's Note: Yesterday was my little sister's first communion and it was very special day.  I felt like writing a poem for her.  I also felt like including a picture of my family after her communion.    

My family after my sister's communion.

All gathered together
In a beautiful church
Little boys and girls
Dressed up in black suits and white gowns
Get ready for their big day

She walked down the aisle
Her veil flowed behind
She tried to put on a grin to hide her nervousness
Staring down at her glossed white heels
Left, right, left, right

As she got to the alter,
My parents by her side 
Candles flickered,
Music filled the air,
Sun shined through the stain-glassed windows,
As she got her first communion

Smiles on everyone's face
The most nerve wrecking part
One step to growing up
In the path of God

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Animal Farm Final

Author's Note: For book club we recently finished Animal Farm.  This was my final piece for the book.  Instead of the usual essay that you can see on my Animal Farm page, I decided to use some technology and make a Vuvox.  Please leave feedback. 

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Author's Note: Currently, I am reading the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  In this poem, you are Katniss; a tribute who volunteered herself for her sister, Prim.  I want this poem to descriptive enough for you to imagine yourself, as Katniss, in the Games.  I also decided to include some syntactic devices.  Please give me feedback.

Scorched by flames
Cut by trees
Threatened by the others
You feel hopeless

Surrounded by people who want to kill you
Momentarily frightened by the glowing eyes
Of a girl next to you
Warning you
A wasps nest
Wait why would she help you?

Soon enough welts the size of plum appear
With green venom oozing from your skin
Wasps chase, wound, and kill tributes

Panting, bleeding, disgusted
You feel sick
Hallucinations take over
Smoke thickens
Until all you see is darkness

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Sad Ending

Author's Note: This is a poem relating to the ending of Animal Farm by George Orwell.  Though it's sad, it's quite true.  
A sad ending
With death and mourn
Tragedy and forgetfulness
Growing old and gray
Frail and worrisome

Falling apart
With rules not reasonable
Evil takes over
Leaving everything, but
Happiness, fun, life

Not only are lives lost
Not only is work destroyed
Not only is trust abandoned
Nothing good can stay

Where they say everyone is "equal"
But everything has gone wrong

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One of a Kind: Poppy

Author's Note: I found this picture of a poppy on the National Geographic website.  I decided to writing a poem about it.  I wanted to be very descriptive and use repetitive syntactic devices.  

Swaying in the field
To the rhythm of the wind
Side to side
Graceful, peaceful, joyful

Unique, one of a kind
A scarlet blossom forever in bloom
An olive stem dancing with the breeze

Fragile as glass
Don't let wind make a poppy snap or fall
Sacred as life
An animal, a plant, a person
A single person is unique
Like one swaying poppy

What if there was no color?
Then it seems lifeless
What if it is drooping down?
Then no one cares
What if it is not there?
Then it's a field like any other