Thursday, November 11, 2010

Room Redo: Painting, Cups, Walls

Today in Academy 21 we began painting our walls with murals made by my other classmates and I.  In my opinion, our room looks great!  It is very colorful everywhere you look.  On the left wall there was a dull bulletin board, but now it's covered with various, bright colored paper.  That wall is for all of the Academy 21 projects.  We haven't done much with the back wall.  On the other hand, the ceiling is full of hanging red and yellow cups.  Don't ask why, I have no idea.  The entire Academy 21 has been doing a program called Rising Stars and today a group of students made a really nice mural based on Rising Stars.  A few feet down from Rising Stars, many of the Academy 21ers chipped in on making a painting that says Academy 21 along with it's logo.  Then underneath that, there is a pretty flower and grass painting with some help from Mr. Johnson.  Lastly, is the front wall.  Three girls are in the midst of making a bookshelf mural that is inspired from the one in Mr. Johnson's room.  On the opposite side of the front wall is small painting of our online math website, Aleks.  We are only starting our room redo.  Come back to my blog soon to get updated more on the progress of the Academy 21 room. 

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