Saturday, February 26, 2011

Peace in the Forest

Author's Note: This is a stream of consciousness turned into a poem that I wrote.  I'm trying to be as descriptive and smooth as possible through the poem.  I placed myself in a forest where I just lie there.  Then I describe the wonderful scenery.  

Lying down on the ground
Looking up at a canopy of leaves
Rays of sun squeeze though
Birds chirps so peacefully
Animals trot and fly around
The sky bluer than sea
Patches of green grass grow

Soothing winds brush my skin
Sprinkles of mist descend down
Thinking about everything so great
Soon the sun will set completely
So I must go
One last glance
Then I walk out to the open


  1. Mai, this is a lovely poem. I like how you are using consonance (consonant sounds in repetition for affect). Also, you are doing a really nice job streamlining the poem to only include words that are really necessary.

  2. I always love looking at your poems, and trying to write half as good. Your words always flow, and are so beautiful and perfect. I love the scenery that you chose, and how you said exactly what you did in the author's note. Just a question: How do you get the borders around your pictures? When ever I post something with a picture it doesn't have a border around it.
    Good Job!

  3. Abbie- To get borders on pictures, you would go to the template designer thing and go to the tab that customizes your blog. Then scroll down and there should be a tab called images and then you can make borders there. But I have noticed some templates on blogs don't have the images option. I hope this helps. And thanks for your comment.