Monday, May 2, 2011

A First Communion

Author's Note: Yesterday was my little sister's first communion and it was very special day.  I felt like writing a poem for her.  I also felt like including a picture of my family after her communion.    

My family after my sister's communion.

All gathered together
In a beautiful church
Little boys and girls
Dressed up in black suits and white gowns
Get ready for their big day

She walked down the aisle
Her veil flowed behind
She tried to put on a grin to hide her nervousness
Staring down at her glossed white heels
Left, right, left, right

As she got to the alter,
My parents by her side 
Candles flickered,
Music filled the air,
Sun shined through the stain-glassed windows,
As she got her first communion

Smiles on everyone's face
The most nerve wrecking part
One step to growing up
In the path of God

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoyed reading this poem. I really liked how it was about something very real. The picture added a great touch. Your sister is soo cute!:p Great Job as usual!!