Monday, May 23, 2011

Making a Difference

Author's Note: My sister and I had just planted a tree yesterday so I decided to write a post about it for Making a Difference.  

Nowadays, our world is getting more populated and that means more pollution and dirty air.  Some think that this cannot be reversed or treated whatsoever.  Yet, most, if not everyone knows some ways of going green: plant a tree, ride a bike instead of a car, carpool, pick up litter, and so on.  My sister and I felt like making our world a little bit better yesterday.  We decided to plant a tree in our backyard.  A few years ago, I tried planting a tree but, it was washed away by a huge rainstorm, followed by a flood.

First, we dug up a hole in the dirt wide and deep enough to fit the tree's roots.  I put in the roots and began putting back soil.  My sister and I had just planted the roots of a new life.  In addition, my dad helped out and got the tree watered and positioned correctly.  This time I am confident the tree will stay strong and stay healthy, compared to my last tree.  Someday I hope for the tree to grow to be as big as the others in my yard. 

No matter how small the project, you can always make a difference.  I hoped to help the ecosystem, air, and animals by planting one little tree.  I made a change in my life, a change in our environment, a change in our world.  Now see what you can do even if it's as little as carpooling with a friend. 

       The arrow is pointing at my growing little tree.

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