Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One of a Kind: Poppy

Author's Note: I found this picture of a poppy on the National Geographic website.  I decided to writing a poem about it.  I wanted to be very descriptive and use repetitive syntactic devices.  

Swaying in the field
To the rhythm of the wind
Side to side
Graceful, peaceful, joyful

Unique, one of a kind
A scarlet blossom forever in bloom
An olive stem dancing with the breeze

Fragile as glass
Don't let wind make a poppy snap or fall
Sacred as life
An animal, a plant, a person
A single person is unique
Like one swaying poppy

What if there was no color?
Then it seems lifeless
What if it is drooping down?
Then no one cares
What if it is not there?
Then it's a field like any other


  1. Beautiful. I love how you slipped the meaning into the poem so slyly, so subtle! What is the color then that makes us different from one another so that I can celebrate the colors in my life?

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. You were very descriptive and had a nice use of metaphors, similes, and repetitive initial pattern. Nice Job!