Tuesday, December 14, 2010


 Author's Note: Christmas is coming up and I just felt like writing a list poem on "Christmas is the time when..."

Christmas is the time when...
The light snow falls,
Colorful lights twinkle,
Frigid wind brushes against my skin,
Sound of cheering and singing,
Receiving and opening presents,
Giving is more important,
The warm feel of family around you,
The comforting smell of Mom's homemade food,
Sledding and playing outside with family,
Church bells ringing,
Sitting next to the fire place,
Sipping a steaming cup of hot chocolate,
People are laughing, loving, and smiling,
Santa already came,
Snowmen making and snowball fights,
A happy time to be with everyone you love,
Merry Christmas


  1. I like the free feeling behind this poem.. Your use of sensory images is excellent: "wind against my skin ... sipping hot chocolate." I also really enjoy that you are writing for fun, which is excellent. Separating writing for different purposes builds self-awareness, and the way you have academic writing set apart shows you know this. Thanks for the excellent work.

  2. I really enjoyed reading that because it made me feel like Christmas was already here, which it basically is. I also liked how you used your senses in it, that helped me picture it better.