Monday, April 11, 2011


Author's Note: I cannot wait for Summer to come but before that Spring must come too.  I felt like writing a poem on a lighthouse since they are truly great architecture and they seemed like an interesting poem topic.  I wanted to add some syntactic devices and a picture for visual effect.  Please give me feedback.

Standing on rocky shorelines
Lighting the night sky
With rotating beams of light
Leading sailboats or ships
Inland, shore, land

Standing tall to beam light
Standing tall to direct those boats
Standing tall to warn rocky shores nearby

On that lighthouse,
Blue waves crash high
Cool rain sprinkle down
Blustery winds brush by

It stands there perfectly
Shining rays of white light 
Guiding the path of boats
While tortured by weather of nature


  1. Nice Job! I really like your use of repetitive initial pattern. I also like how you included a picture for visual effect.

  2. I enjoyed the repetition for affect in this poem. The image is so concrete, and it evokes a solid sense of symbolism; it causes me to think of what else may serve the same purpose for us in life. What is your lighthouse?

  3. I think your repetitive pattern really worked and added a great aspect to your poem. I always like how you add a picture for a visual!! In your repetitive initial pattern you used the word "those" when referring to the boats. I would have used a different word. This is a great poem and your syntactic devices keep getting better and better. Nice Job!!