Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill

Author's Note:  After our seminar on the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill we were supposed to write a response that includes our thoughts on the bill.  

The bill that was just passed has a lot of impact everywhere in Wisconsin.  It has caught much international attention since its a very enormous and life-changing bill.  The reason behind this bill is to cut down on the overall debt of Wisconsin.

The idea of passing the bill wasn't a good choice though for some people it was completely fine.  Since this bill was passed we will have to cut many public workers' jobs such as teachers and firefighters.  It gets rid of many union rights for the public workers too.  Also health coverage for low-income families will be changed.  It's not fair how the bill will only affect public workers that aren't in Milwaukee. 

On the other hand, I agree that Wisconsin has to reduce their debts, but it shouldn't have to be this way.  We could get rid of unnecessary things that could be causing debt in Wisconsin.  Or reduce spending rates. Cutting jobs, union rights, health coverage to people out of Milwaukee is unfair.  If we had to, we could cut some, but not so many jobs in Wisconsin.

Right now this bill isn't equal to public workers.  It will put a lot of impact on everybody even students because if teachers get cut then we might have to get rid of activities or combine classes.  Overall, I don't think this bill was the best choice for everybody.  I wonder what will happen.


  1. Do you know why Wisconsin is in debt?

  2. I really am impressed by this piece. You took a relatively short talk about the issue, and really processed it so that you could form your own opinion. Be careful to tend to those issues like grammar. You don't ever want to have you opinion dismissed by someone simply because your delivery had errors.

  3. Thanks Mr. Johnson for mentioning about the grammatical errors. I went back and found quite a few, but I fixed them. I will be more careful next time.