Monday, March 28, 2011

Would I like to go to Rome?

Author's Note: I was assigned to do a response to my project on the five themes of geography in Rome.  My prompt was: Why would you like or not like to go to Rome?  I would have to incorporate the information that I learned from the project to answer the question.  I tried using the repetitive syntactic device.  I wanted this to show my voice and opinion also with a description of each topic.  Please leave me any comments on this piece. 

Going to Rome would be a dream.   I'd love to go there, but it probably won't be anytime soon.  Rome is a magnificent city full of much to see and do.  A place of great architecture, great gifts, and great stories. 

All of the historical sites to see such as the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain lure me in most.  Imagine going to a building where people once were in ancient times or tossing coins in for a wish at a historic fountain.  It's a miracle to have buildings that are thousands of years old and still standing while being open for visitors.  With many precise and unique works of architecture there would be an educational experience of buildings from medieval to fascist time periods.  

Wisconsin's weather and climate can sometimes be agitating when I have to shovel, bundle up, or stay indoors.  On the other hand, mild temperatures are in Rome year round due to the nice Mediterranean climate.  They have 2,473 hours of warm sunshine and only 34 inches of precipitation on a yearly average!  I would enjoy being able to walk outside and not freeze in the winter. 

The nature in Rome has so much to offer, from the Apennines to the Tiber River.  Peaceful is the walk along the river bank.  Relaxing is the view atop the mountains.  Beauty is looking out at the Mediterranean coast.  Farm land rolls on forever eventually giving fruit, vegetables, and grain to everyone.  Some don't notice what nature has to give, but it's truly magnificent.

Over the past couple of years, I have found it quite interesting to learn about gods, goddesses, and mythology in ancient Rome.  Ancient Romans worshiped and had strong beliefs for much of what we call today mythology.  Statues, buildings, and stories were created honor of gods which would be amazing to see and study first hand. 

A trip to Rome would be a lifetime experience.  There would be a chance to learn by seeing the most splendid architecture, statues, arches, and monuments.  I'd enjoy the pleasant weather when admiring the scenic view from natures blessing.  Someday I hope to go to Rome and have the experience that I dream of now.  

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  1. This really great and I could definitely here your voice through out the whole piece!! Very nice use of the repetitive initial pattern. It fit very well in your intro. Your organization was also great. It was very easy to follow because every topic had it's own paragraph. Very Nice Job!!